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General Description:
Mbuilt-in frame memory; 17 different wipe effect patterns; 3 selectable video i/p for superimposition w/reverse; 8-color background selection; white; yellow, cyan, green, magenta, red, blue, blk; built-in 4 i/p audio mixer w/headphone o/p & level meter; video y signal: 3mhz, m3db; audio: 20hz-20khz freq response; 120v/60hz, 33w; built-in digital frame sychronizer so it can edit video signals from cameras or vcrs without a time base corrector; 16.500 in. W; 12.812 in. D; 3.875 in. H
Mixer,video Signal
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Definition Video Signal Mixer

An item consisting of electron tubes and/or transistors and associated circuits which are employed to mix two or more video inputs to produce a composite video output signal. Excludes mixer stage, frequency. See also transmitter, coordinate data.

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