Antenna-receiver-transmitter gro

ASC300L Description

19.000 inches unpack aged unit length, 16.000 inches unpack aged unit width, 1.750 inches unpack aged unit height, beacon tracking receiver .


Input frequency 950 mhz to 2300 mhz pre-detection bandwidth 50 khz frequency tuning 10 khz steps; 75 ohm input impedance; output impedance 100 ohm, single ended; vacuum fluorescent front panel display; 90-264 vac, 47-63 hz, 1.4 a, autosensing

Properties of ASC300L

Unpackaged Unit Length:
19.000 inches
Unpackaged Unit Width:
16.000 inches
Unpackaged Unit Height:
1.750 inches
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
Beacon tracking receiver
Functional Description:
Antenna step track controlling and up link power control system
Antenna-receiver-transmitter Gro
Cage Code:

Definition Antenna-receiver-transmitter Gro

A collection of items, two or more being major electronic components, which is not capable of performing a complete operational function by itself, but which when used in a guided missile remote control system, will provide facilities for receiving and transmitting radar signals, and furnishing continuous target position data to a computer and/or other radar sets. May include facilities for local control and/or monitoring, aligning or leveling during installation.

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