Multimedia projector

78-9236-6907-7 Description

12.700 inches overall length, 6.100 inches overall height, 13.500 inches overall width, -30.0/+65.0 deg celsius storage temp range.


Operating temp: P10.0C to P35.0C, 1500 ansi lumens, true xga (1024 x 768) resolution, built in Dolby 5.1 SOUND/(3)2.5W, (2)1.5W and (1)5.0W subwoofer, flash drive compatible usb Media reader for .Jpg presentations

Properties of 78-9236-6907-7

Overall Length:
12.700 inches
Overall Height:
6.100 inches
Overall Width:
13.500 inches
Storage Tempurature Range:
-30.0/+65.0 degrees celsius
End Application:
Projector, multimedia
Unpackaged Unit Weight:
10.600 pounds
Wattage Rating:
288.000 watts
Voltage In Volts And Current Type:
100.0 ac and 240.0 ac
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
3M dms 700 digital media system 710 dlp projector with built in digital dvd player
Cage Code:

Definition Multimedia Projector

An optical device designed for projecting data and/or images. it uses a cathode ray tube or an liquid crystal display and an optical system consisting of lens and circuitry to produce an image which can be projected onto a flat or curved screen or wall. it is a self-contained unit that has interface cabilities with computer systems and other video systems. it may be used for rear or front projection.

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