Optical instrument case

13034127 Description

24.6 inches overall length, 8.6 inches overall height, 19.7 inches overall width, howitzer, light towed, 105MM, M119A1 end item identification.

Properties of 13034127

Overall Length:
24.6 inches
Overall Height:
8.6 inches
Overall Width:
19.7 inches
Handling Facility Type:
Specific Equipment Accommodated:
Fire control computer
Compartment Quantity:
End Application:
Howitzer, light towed, 105MM, M119A1
Handle Quantity:
Handle Location:
Center front of bottom section
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
Case, carrying, fire control computer
Case,optical Instrument
Cage Code:

Definition Optical Instrument Case

A portable case which may include clamps, spring clips, brackets or the like, to secure the instrument, accessories and/or components. It may include padding to protect the instrument against shock and vibration. Excludes case (2), surveying instrument.

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Last modified 11/21/2018