Magnetic contactor

H-A4N Description

2.500 inches overall length, 3.130 inches overall height, 28.0 volts dc voltage rating, 2.500 inches overall diameter, c-130 amp end item identification.

Properties of H-A4N

Overall Length:
2.500 inches
Overall Height:
3.130 inches
Direct Current Rating In Amps:
50.0 and 20.0
Dc Voltage Rating:
28.0 volts
Overall Diameter:
2.500 inches
End Application:
C-130 amp
Mounting Configuration:
4 x 0.170 inch slotted holes in each corner
Ambient Temp:
-55.0 degrees celsius and 71.0 degrees celsius
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
Contactor, 50a dc/60a ac, 3pdt w/aux cont, hermetically sld
Specification Data:
88277-5d0305 national std/spec
Cage Code:

Definition Magnetic Contactor

An item consisting of contacts, a magnetic core, and a coil with or without inclosure which is used to repeatedly establish and break a circuit. The item does not provide overload protection and is not used in line to control any other electrical controls. Excludes relay, electromagnetic and starter, motor.L circuit. Exludes relay, electro-magnetic and starter, motor.

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