Digital computer

VS828UT Description

16.950 inches overall height, 14.850 inches overall width, pc (windows 7 professional 32-BIT) end item identification, desk top unit design.


Weight: 20.5lbs; power supply: 230w; 1 vga, 1 display port; 3.06 ghz

Properties of VS828UT

Overall Height:
16.950 inches
Overall Width:
14.850 inches
End Application:
Pc (windows 7 professional 32-bit)
Unit Design:
Desk top
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
Hewlett-packard 6000 pro
Memory Size:
2.0 gigabytes
Cage Code:

Definition Digital Computer

A computer which processes information represented by combinations of discrete or discontinuous data. It is a computer for performing sequences of arithmetic and logical operations, not only on external data but also on its own internally stored instructions, in contrast to a continuous data, analog computer. It may be designed for specific and/or combination operation, such as asynchronous, automatic, fixed program, and the like. May include handheld computer. Excludes peripheral hardware.

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