Coaxial sensor cable

7-511B24590-019 Description

56.0 inches overall length, 0.3 inches overall height, 0.3 inches overall width, coax assy, W590 hiew .

Properties of 7-511B24590-019

Overall Length:
56.0 inches
Overall Height:
0.3 inches
Overall Width:
0.3 inches
Part Name Assigned By Controlling Agency:
Coax assembly, W590 hiew
Sensor Cable,coaxial
Cage Code:

Definition Coaxial Sensor Cable

A definite length of ported sensor cable, designed to be buried around the perimeter of a secure area. The cable emits radiowaves which create an invisible, electromagnetic detection field. The alarm monitoring equipment is activated through an impedance change in the field created by the presence of an intruder within the sensor range. Excludes items not having an external power supply or control system.

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